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Matthias Teichner
Specialising in medical liability law and medical law
Expert for medical liability law
Specialist in patient law

Since 1985, Mr Teichner has been specialising in medical law, and in particular medical liability law. He has worked on more than 2,500 medical injury claims, which he handled personally. During his training, Mr Teichner was demonstrably already working towards this aim; he is therefore a well-known expert in the field of medical liability law (expert for medical liability law). In the field of medical liability law, Mr Teichner has specialised in representing the interests of patients who have suffered injury (specialist in patient law).

Thanks to his more than 30 years of professional experience as a patient lawyer, and in view of his broad and continuous work as an author and consultant, Mr Teichner is now authorised to act as an expert in medical liability law and as a specialist in patient law (see: Decision of the German Federal Constitutional court of 28.07.2004, Az. 1 BvR 159/04).

He is not a specialist "lawyer in medical law", and yet he is a specialist for
medical liability law and specialist for patient law. How is this possible?

Mr Teichner is not a specialist "lawyer for medical law". This is normal since Mr Teichner represents patients only in the medical liability field. The German Lawyer Regulations as laid down in § 14b FAO, stipulate that the title of specialist "lawyer for medical law" may only be bestowed and maintained if the lawyer has special knowledge in, inter alia, the fields of corporate and remuneration law in the medical professions, hospital law including demand planning, financing and senior consultant contract law etc. As interesting as it may be to have such "special knowledge", it is neither necessary nor required in order to provide the best possible legal advice for patients who have suffered injury and to represent them as effectively as possible in making claims for damages and compensation. This is why Mr Teichner is able to refer to himself as an expert and specialist in the fields of medical liability law without being a specialist "lawyer in medical law".


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